Scuba Diving Training Day + Practice Dive

  • $60.00

Dive Certification is not required. Experience an introduction to diving in The Mahalani pool and later take a dive directly off-shore in our coral reef. Great for young divers (who are strong listeners and serious learners) and beginners. This is a long day activity.

All dives start in the morning as there are limitations on diving after certain hours. Need 1 guide per 2 people unless guests are expert divers, for example for 5 people, need 3 guides. Guides speak good English. Guides from Dive Bondalem. 

Information Needed to Schedule:

Body weight in kg + Wet suit = S, M, L, XL (go a size up)

Shoe size = American sizing (whole size only). They have a limited number of water shoes for loan. You can use your own water shoes.

Prices are per person and subject to change without notice.